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Sarah CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) and Action workplan system provides your facility with the tools to manage and keep on top of all your Quality assurance processes. It comprises of a limited access system for staff to log issues, an email and/or SMS system to alert appropriate persons, a management system to follow up and close issues, and an action work plan module where issues can be escelated, and then worked through over a timeframe.

The CQI Manager and logger can be used for any quality related issue
  • Hazards
  • Complaints
  • Suggestions
  • Critical incident reporting
  • Praise
  • Visitor incidents
  • You name it, the CQI system can do it

  • Features include

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    A simple limited access logging system

    This allows staff to log issues without having access to other logged jobs. Information is then sent to appropriate persons to follow up an investigate.
    CQI Logger is multi purpose can be used for any quality issue.
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    CQI Management

  • Take total control of QA issues. With sub category customisation, you can can manage each category by using sub groups. For example, break complaints in to staff, resident, catering, family etc.
  • Follow up on every item and be alerted until the items are closed off.
  • Track items such as who reported, who was it on behalf of, suggestions, comments, action taken.
  • Easily generate reports, graphs
  • Assign issues to specific management meetings
  • Create letter templates that can be used to generate reply, thank you or disciplinary letters with a click and track the history
  • Relate items to accreditation standards
  • Assign tasks to specific people and track responses
  • Complete a risk analysis
  • Attach images or documents to specific issues
  • Escelate jobs to Action Workplan
  • Escelate staff issues to HR for counselling and track outcomes
  • Ensure you miss nothing, with SMS, email and system alerts
  • Sarah CQI makes Quality assurance simple

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    Action work planning

  • Track progress of plans
  • Group plans / Archive plans / Seach plans - Get the tools to make this fast and efficient
  • Easily generate reports
  • Assign issues to specific management meetings
  • Assign tasks to specific people and track responses
  • Email plans to key people
  • Attach documents or images to specific plans
  • Relate plans to specific outcomes or accreditaion standards
  • Associate responsible people to plans
  • Track actions taken and evaluations
  • Sarah Action work planning is easy to use and will completed the quality assurance process

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    Use a system that has a track record of success

  • Tracking of all quality issues
  • Manage risk and staff
  • Be alerted to everything
  • Make reporting easy for staff and management
  • Can be customised
  • Track what you want, how you want it