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Take the stress out of HR management

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Sarah can take many of the challenges away when managing your human resources. Never be caught short again. Let Sarah inform you when a police check is due, when training is due, or a meeting is to take place. Take control of your employee records now. By using our integrated system, employee records, security, incidents, complaints, counseling and more will be easily with reach at any time.

With built in email and SMS features, staff are easily contacted, Memo's sent and even Birthdays alerted. Let us take remove the headache of HR and add some organisation to record keeping.

Features include

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Administration data

All the basics are provided to organise staff and volunteers. Permission to various system can be allocated through any employee. Contacts, training, appraisals, vaccinations allergies, skills and competencies, loans and licenses, consent and workers compensation records are stored and accessed with ease. Record notes, incidents and counseling, manage keys and cards and be alerted for relevant issues. Organise meetings, training and distribution lists. Payroll and rostering is available and Biometric time clock systems can be incorporated. A referral system is built in. Staff phone list can be issued to key personnel who can then access via relevant systems, send SMS or emails requesting shifts to be filled. Record attendances, CNE points and track that incomplete training with Sarah today.
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Sarah will let you know when things are due or coming up. Once alerted, easily send an email or SMS reminder to your staff
  • Training
  • Police Checks
  • Appraisals
  • Aged Care Stat declaration
  • Birthdays
  • Counseling Reviews, acknowledgements, sessions due, no feedback given
  • Keys outstanding
  • Visa expiring
  • Drivers license expiry's
  • RN Licence expiry
  • Meetings due
  • and more
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    Sarah has tools which make managing compulsory training less complicated. An employee is set up with a set of mandatory training and then the system will alert you when they are due for training. Training sessions are easily input and reports are easily created. Who has completed, who has not completed are now easily answered. Ad hoc sessions are easily recorded to the employee file and CNE points are calculated. Never again will training get under the radar.
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    Manage the entire counseling process via Sarah. Sarah will track from issue or complaint, through planning, feedback, expected outcomes, counseling session logs, further development, further training, reviews, follow ups and even will automate the letter writing process. Following up is managed and alerts are created.
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    Incident tracking

    Staff can log incidents on themselves. Information is collated and is reports and charts easily created. If a letter is required the process is automated.
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    Set up staff and allocate permissions all within one interface. You are in control of what information is available to specific staff. Sarah has security built in to every section and module.
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    Roster and Payroll

  • Create rosters which are automatically transferred to payroll data.
  • Incorporate biometric time clocks to ensure data accuracy.
  • Automate ABA files to upload payroll directly to accounts.
  • Create digital media come tax time.
  • Ensure staff are available for shift by cross checking other rosters and availability.
  • Budget rosters and pay data.

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    Our Aim

    To build and maintain a satisfied customer base through superior quality service with fair dealings based on trust and respect.