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Document control

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Sarah also can control document registers. With direct links or using copies, Sarah allows you to give staff easy access to documents without having to search through file systems or folders. Sarah's document register alerts when documents are due for revision or review. There is also a grouping feature so you can make a collection of documents for different tasks. Lets say you have an orientation package for clinical staff, Sarah allows you to create a group of documents specifically for this purpose. When a new staff member comes, simply print out the package. No longer do you have to collate these documents and print individually. Documents are broken in to several categories, and then in to sub categories. So if your looking for a work instruction, form, job description for a specific department then your search will only take seconds. An audit planner allows you to plan upcoming audits and link documents directly to these audits.

Documentation the easy way.

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Document management solved

  • Quickly available to staff
  • Version due and reviews alerted
  • Create document packages
  • Plan audits
  • Link audits to documents
  • Complete audits on the go
  • Easily searched