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Mandatory Reporting Tools

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Mandatory reporting is a critical part of aged care these days. Sarah offers a secure and confidential way of reporting such items as elder abuse and absconding events. The register can be linked directly to residential incidents, but has a separated, secured reporting mechanism for reporting sensitive data. Email and SMS notifications are also available. Incidents can be managed, DOHA reports recorded as well as police events. Events may be dismissed if reporting incorrect incidents. Events can be tracked through to counseling and follow ups.

Tools for staff and management

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Some features include

Mandatory reporting is automatically triggered during incident logging and provides management with required tools for reporting critical incidents and elder abuse.
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Automatic generation based on specific incident types or manual entries
  • Security protected
  • Record resident on resident complaints
  • DOHA Status
  • Police information
  • Relationships between victim/offender
  • Counseling Details
  • Following up

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