Easy to use systems


Sarah Software Solutions

We develop using Microsoft technologies. Using OLE compatible systems allows information to be easily imported, exported and analysed from your system to Excel, Word or Outlook. We can cater for the small facility with no servers, to a large enterprise with Terminal servers and cloud based architecture. We offer offline modules with synchronization functionality.

Designed with Accreditation in mind

Sarah Software Solutions

Our solutions are designed with aged care standards in mind in order to ensure the best possible care is provided to your residents. Sarah Automates many processes, documentation occurs automatically and staff are alerted to residents care needs. No more long Handovers. Sarah takes more time away from the tasks that stop your carers being where they really need to be, caring for the resident.

Medication Administration

Sarah Software Solutions

One of the most common non compliance matters in aged care is Medication. Sarah's medication administration gives you the tool to make medication issues a thing of the past. Easily sign off medication rounds, dose errors will be eliminated, communicating medication changes will become instant and medication errors will be easily identified. Rounds are easy with Sarah's medication system.

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